Oxfam: National Crime Agency monitoring alleged sexual abuse by aid workers as government sounds funding warning

The National Crime Agency is “closely monitoring” allegations of abuse by Oxfam staff and other aid agencies amid government warnings about public funding.

Sexual offences committed outside the UK can be investigated by the agency, which is to meet with the International Development Secretary on how to support foreign police forces.

The agency said it would work with the Government to protect potential victims abroad and present recommendations on what more should be done.

“We are meeting with the Charity Commission this week to assure ourselves that appropriate action has been taken with all the safeguarding material in their possession and to improve standards,” a spokesperson for the agency said.

The commission, which has been forced to defend its own investigations into Oxfam after a whistleblower reported that women were being coerced into sex for aid, held an all-day meeting with the charity after opening a new statutory inquiry.

Details of the probe, covering allegations which include that Oxfam did not “fully and frankly disclose material details” about staff using prostitutes in Haiti in 2011, are to be published on Thursday.

The Government has warned that aid agencies failing to offer adequate assurances about their safeguarding processes and transparency could have funding withdrawn, while Labour is calling for a full inquiry.

Whistleblower Helen Evans said she raised safeguarding concerns with Oxfam and the Charity Commission (Channel 4/YouTube)

Kate Osamor MP, the shadow International Development Secretary, said officials must “uncover how prevalent abuse is, how it is happening and what we can do to stop it”.

“What happened within Oxfam is absolutely inexcusable, and to make matters worse we do not yet understand just how widespread the abuse is,” she wrote in The Independent.

“Some have, disgracefully, weaponised this appalling scandal by launching a full-frontal assault on UK aid.

“But there is…

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