Online Financial Wellness Course Provided as a Thank You to Active Military and Veterans

Randy Hammon

“This course is a solution to a national crisis of financial illiteracy. And to the question: “why aren’t we taught this financial education at our high schools, universities, and companies.” -RADM Warren Aut (USN-Retired)

Randy Hammon, a financial author, radio host and 38-year veteran in the financial services industry, recently created The Online Guide to Financial Clarity. Randy is the Educational Consultant for the American Financial Education Alliance (AFEA). AFEA is an IRS approved 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, and one of the largest providers of free financial literacy to corporations, unions, and government agencies in the United States.

According to Randy, “Our active military and Vets deserve and need unbiased, comprehensive tools to navigate life’s toughest financial decisions. There is an overload of information out there, but people don’t know what or who to trust to give them the answers to their financial questions. This course does just that!”

He continues, “Because there is currently a lack of federal and state funding available for financial wellness, we are giving the course away to All Active Military & Veterans, who for generations have dedicated their lives to protecting and serving our families.”

The distribution to our American Heroes will be done through their service branches and the VA, and the various associations that serve them.

Also,, a national discount shopping site that serves all Federal and State Employees, has offered to help distribute the course through their associate network.

So, what makes this course so different?

“This course is a solution to a national crisis of financial illiteracy. And to the question: “why…

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