One year later, Americans sound off on Trump presidency

One year ago today, Americans elected Donald Trump as our 45th president. What do they think now?

Democrat Halle Minchin-Skook, a special education teacher who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, said her views on President Trump have not changed since the election.

“His rhetoric – he’s just a bully,” Michin-Skook told CBS News’ Elaine Quijano. “And I just morally, I cannot support someone like that.”

Republican Steven Shook, a musician who voted for Mr. Trump, said he’d still cast the same vote.

“I really feel like, in a lot of ways, he got a crash course in Politics 101, but at the same time, he’s really come through fairly well,” Shook said.

In our ongoing series, “We the People,” we’ve followed four people from across the country with varying political beliefs and perspectives. We brought the four of them – Michin-Skook, Shook, Leo Smith and Cesar Vargas –  to New York City to meet for the first time.

(L to R) Leo Smith, Cesar Vargas, Halle Minchin-Skook and Steven Shook 

CBS News 

Smith, an activist and businessman, also voted for Mr. Trump last fall. He ran for a seat in Georgia’s state senate and lost the election on Tuesday.

“I think even more today, I’m more convinced that Donald Trump was the right person for what we needed in America at this time,” Smith said. “The economic growth that we are experiencing. I think that the last couple of months we’ve experienced three percent growth and that is a bigger number than I thought that was even possible.”

Vargas, a lawyer and undocumented immigrant who couldn’t vote, wasn’t as positive.  

“This administration disappointed me because of the fact that he is trying divide all of us, when, in fact, we’re all in this together. And, yeah, I cannot support someone like that,” Vargas said.

“We have… been divided, we’ve just been silent about it,” Smith said in response.

The group also reflected on the Charlottesville white…

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