On ‘Saturday Night Live,’ Alec Baldwin Sings a Swan Song for Trump

This time, it was Mr. Baldwin as Mr. Trump, sitting at a piano and playing “Hallelujah.” One by one, he was joined by other cast members and guest stars who have portrayed other members of Mr. Trump’s administration and family, including Beck Bennett as Vice President Mike Pence and Ms. McKinnon as the presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway.

As Mr. Trump, Mr. Baldwin closed the sketch by declaring, “I’m not giving up because I didn’t do anything wrong.” Pointing to the group assembled behind him, he added, “But I can’t speak for these people.”

In his opening monologue, Mr. Johnson teasingly seemed to confirm the rumors that he might seek the presidency in 2020, announcing that he was running on a ticket with a frequent “S.N.L.” guest host who is “very well liked, he’s charming and universally adored by pretty much every human alive.”

Mr. Baldwin, as himself, seemed poised to accept the invitation, except that Mr. Johnson was actually referring to Tom Hanks, who joined him onstage.

Mr. Johnson said, “In the past, I never would have considered running for president. I didn’t think I was qualified at all. But now, I’m actually worried that I’m too qualified.”

Mr. Hanks replied, “America needs us. No one can seem to agree on anything anymore, except for two things.”

Mr. Johnson finished the thought: “Pizza and us.”

Mr. Hanks made a pitch for their likability: “I mean, I have been in two movies where a plane crashes and people are still excited to see me on their flight,” he said.

“Together, we would get 100 percent of the vote,” Mr. Hanks added. “I would get the senior vote because I fought in World War II in, like, 10 different movies.”

Mr. Johnson said, “And I, of course, would get the minority vote. Because everyone just assumes that I’m, well,…

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