On LlamaRepublicaDominicana.com, Mother’s Day Comes with Bonuses and a Challenging Facebook Contest

Mother’s Day is that special day when people take the time to say “Thank you, mom!”. If most of the time throughout the year that “Thank you!” is not that often heard, on Mother’s Day things change a little. In order to make this day even more special for Dominican expats and their mothers back home, LlamaRepublicaDominicana.com launches a generous promotion and a nostalgic Facebook contest.

The promotion offers $3 bonus for all Voice Credit orders above $20 placed between May 23-25 and brings 135 extra minutes, in case customers are calling landlines or 62 minutes, if customers are calling landlines in the Dominican Republic. All they have to do is use coupon code MXTH3R at checkout.

On LlamaRepublicaDominicana’s Facebook page, Dominican expats are invited…

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