Oil Free Compressors provide the basis for Green Technology

Heating and cooling is part and parcel of modern day engineering. It has been observed that the temperature affects that substances at molecular and polymer levels to change the physical and chemical properties substantially. Thus, proper temperature maintenance is an important factor for achieving high quality in the products. However, most of the heaters, coolers, dryers and refrigerators work on the principle of compressed air. Thus, for good dryer or refrigeration, you need to focus on the Air Compressors and their working.

Maintenance of Air Compressors is thus a big deal in the industry. Many of the machines used in production and manufacturing require constant supply of compressed air. Starting from blowers to dyeing machines, looms for producing fabrics to cutters and brakes, all require compressed air. The supply should not only be constant, it also needs to be well controlled. If the control on compressed air is lacking, there may be failures in brakes and that can be really detrimental to the various machines and processes. There can be health hazards involved in this too. That is why maintenance becomes an important issue for the compressors.

A big problem with compressors is the environmental concern. There is huge sound pollution in most of them. The oil used also pollutes the atmosphere and that can detrimentally affect your working situation. The workers can be feeling the fumes and so, there can be long term health hazards. The authorities are also extremely cautious and sensitive to such things nowadays and your compressor has to pass the pollution under check certification time and again.

In order to achieve that, one way out is to go for Oil Free Compressor. It demands for an entirely new technology. A good replacement as Oil Free Compressor can be IR heating compressors that work on infrared technology. It is a harmless technology that does not affect the people around, unlike the compressors that work on oil. There is no fuming and even…

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