Octapharma Donates Over 31 Million IU of Blood Clotting Medicine

We, the Haemophilia Society of Myanmar, do not know how to express our thanks to your team and Octapharma for the gracious donation for Myanmar hemophilia patients.

LA Kelley Communications, Inc. announced today that it has completed distributing a donation of life saving, blood-clotting medicine worth over $31 million to nine developing countries.

This unusually large gift of medicine was made possible by Octapharma AG, a Swiss-based pharmaceutical company that is the world’s largest independent human protein products manufacturer. The Treatment, called factor replacement therapy, or just “factor,” is vital for stopping uncontrolled bleeding in patients with hemophilia. Hemophilia A is a hereditary bleeding disorder resulting from a deficiency of factor VIII, a clotting factor. Octapharma donated NUWIQ®, a 4th generation Recombinant form of factor VIII indicated for the treatment of Hemophilia A. With this therapy, patients can stop a bleed soon after an injection.

The product was donated to Project SHARE (Supplying Hemophilia Aid and Relief), which is operated by LA Kelley Communications. Since 2002, Project SHARE has donated over 113 million IU of factor to 77 developing countries. In some countries, SHARE has been the only donor of factor.

The large donations went to Myanmar, Nepal, the Philippines, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Venezuela and the Bahamas. These countries were selected due to their need and also expertise in successfully retrieving medicine from customs. The donations will make possible life- and limb-saving surgery, and even prophylaxis, to prevent bleeds from happening. Prolonged and untreated bleeding can lead to permanent joint damage and even death.

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