Ocean Front Walk gets another supermodel

3701 Ocean Front Walk, Mission Bay

3701 Ocean Front Walk, Mission Bay

The forthcoming estate at 3701 Ocean Front Walk in north Mission Beach hasn’t even been built yet, but it’s already been adorned with a steep price tag. The residence will consist of a six-bedroom, five-and-a-half-bath “tri-level single family residence under construction on a corner lot that will contain approximately 4351 square feet of interior living space.

“This will be a very high-end structure with major emphasis being placed on creating unobstructed views that will take full advantage of major view corridors,” listing materials promise. “Extensive floor-to-ceiling fully retractable glass panels, full glass railings, and tall vertical glass panels at the southeast corner are all utilized to accomplish this goal.

“The building has been elevated to provide a raised view of the beach and ocean,” remarks continue, promising casual entertainment opportunities within while still “allowing families to watch their children on the beach” from the wrap-around patio with fire pit, fountain, and bar.

Because the waterfront estate doesn’t exist yet, the floor plan is a bit fluid.

“The first level of the building has also deliberately been designed to serve as either an entertainment area, private guest quarters, or two additional bedrooms,” listing materials state, leaving the final configuration open-ended. “On the 2nd floor, a wide-open floor plan takes complete advantage of the unobstructed views in all directions,” thanks to the aforementioned floor-to-ceiling retractable glass. “The immediate impact provides immense interior enjoyment from the oceanfront living room, dining area, and kitchen. Bedroom 3 enjoys southwesterly views created by the vertical opaque glass panels that offer additional light and privacy without interrupting the primary exposure towards the ocean.” The middle level also includes another ocean-facing balcony with glass…

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