NRDC “80 by 50” Report: Dramatically Boosting Clean Energy Can Cut Greenhouse Gas Pollution 80% for a Safer Climate Future

WASHINGTON – In the face of President Trump’s climate retreat, the Natural Resources Defense Council today released an ambitious blueprint to dramatically increase energy efficiency, cut greenhouse gas pollution 80 percent from 1990 levels, raise wind and solar power generation to 70 percent, and usher in a clean energy future for the United States by 2050. And it delivers benefits seven times the cost.

The heavily researched report,America’s Clean Energy Frontier: The Pathway to Safer Climate Future,” relies on existing technologies and envisions curtailing energy use 50 percent through efficiency and electrification gains; raising fuel economy of gasoline-powered cars to 80 miles per gallon (and 100 mpg for fleetwide); expanding wind and solar energy 13-fold; strengthening the electricity grid; electrifying buildings and cars to run with renewable energy; and a steep decline in nuclear power by 2050 through plant retirements.

NRDC’s analysis breaks new ground compared to other comparable reports. It combines more aggressive, but achievable, improvements in energy efficiency, renewable energy, clean electrification and the nation’s electric grid. Thus, it relies far less on riskier or costlier technologies such as new nuclear energy, natural gas and biomass.

“Across our country, climate-fueled hazard and harm is getting worse every day. The inescapable fact is we must fight climate change today to protect people from even greater suffering tomorrow,” said NRDC President Rhea Suh. “Our pathway report offers a far-reaching, realistic and low-cost solution for how we, as Americans, can reach a safer climate future.

“This call to arms seeks nothing less than a clean energy revolution—in energy efficiency, renewable wind and solar power, clean cars and the nation’s electric grid—to shield our kids and future generations from climate chaos. That’s unquestionably a goal that can unite us. And when have Americans ever shied away from…

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