Noble Studios Launches Official Tahiti Website

The Islands of Tahiti

Noble Studios has launched a new website for the iconic destination of Tahiti. The website at, is The Islands of Tahiti’s official country tourism website (Tahiti Tourisme). The work includes a redesign and content refresh that’s in keeping with the new global marketing campaign currently underway for Tahiti.

The new campaign features a refreshed brand platform for the country that focuses on the spirit of Mana, the life force that’s deeply infused in the islands. The new site gives Tahiti stakeholders significantly more control over content while providing an updated, responsive user experience for potential visitors to these far-flung islands in the South Pacific.

Noble’s overarching goal was to capture the essence of Tahiti and the varying personalities of its 118 islands while extending The Islands of Tahiti’s updated brand into a newly redesigned website. The site would be used to promote the destination across 18 different countries. Noble also sought to educate potential visitors about the lesser-known islands where visitors can experience authentic Polynesian living off the beaten path.

“Noble Studios brought new ideas to the table that allowed us to better connect with potential visitors to The Islands of Tahiti,” said Paul Sloan, CEO of Tahiti Tourisme. “We are going after new markets and reintroducing our destination to many audiences such as millennials or families that might not have imagined what a trip experience was like to our islands. We are proud of our work and look forward to continuing our focus on digital marketing with Noble in the future.”

After a year of extensive planning, research and stakeholder input, Noble conducted a complete website…

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