NFL cheerleading squads could become a relic, and that’s long overdue

Recent legal battles won by NFL cheerleaders may lead teams to abandon squads all together. It should have happened years ago.

NFL cheerleading squads might soon pass into the annals of league history. Not for lack of interest or any cultural factor, but rather just business. In light of recent court decisions, the facts of the situation demonstrate that the NFL is better off without this piece of in-game fanfare.

Recent legal struggles have focused on whether or not NFL cheerleaders are employees of the teams they perform for and thus due all the benefits and protections afforded to employees under the law. While the scope of the lawsuits has been limited to just two NFL franchises, there is a growing threat that these cases will set a legal precedent that might spur NFL teams to simply disband the squads.

In September 2014, the Oakland Raiders avoided a trial in the class-action lawsuit brought against them by 90 former cheerleaders when the organization reached a $1.25…

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