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T-Mobile West, a provider of wireless services, is showing interest in adding communications equipment in the Cody area. 

Company representatives have inquired about placing small antennas on a building in town, and a recent public notice in the Enterprise invited comment on a proposed T-Mobile antenna structure outside city limits.

The public notice said T-Mobile was considering erecting a new tower on Oilfield Road, an unofficial county road off Road 2AB. However, design plans have since changed, and the notice is now irrelevant, said Sandi Hammond, project manager with the telecommunications environmental consulting firm that placed the ad. 

T-Mobile’s original plan would have required trenching 75 feet of ground outside a Verizon equipment compound at the site, she said. But on Tuesday afternoon she learned the company now wants to attach antennas to an existing Verizon structure. Because new ground will not be disturbed, the public comment requirement is void.

Earlier this month Cody City Council action cleared the way for T-Mobile to put small wireless transmission equipment on the Riley Arena, which is built on city property leased to the Park County Arena Board.

City planner Todd Stowell said by email last week the most recent information he’d received was that T-Mobile would like to place three “antenna locations” on the Riley building, possibly attached to an outside wall. At the time, he had not received a formal zoning application, nor had he seen the design. 

When council members learned in June that a wireless provider wanted to install equipment on the Riley Arena, they were open to allowing the sublease; however, changes to the city’s lease with the Arena Board were needed first.  

The lease dates back to January 2000, when the city entered a long-term agreement making it possible for the Riley Arena…

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