New Wave: Auburn music venue gets makeover as weekly shows resume for fall | Entertainment

For the owners of Falcon Lanes, renovating its bar was a matter of bringing it into the present — and bringing in patrons who still may not know it’s there.

The new Tidal Wave Bar will be celebrated Friday at the launch of its 2017-2018 music series, which will be led off by the band STR8ON.

The new space recently had its wood paneling stripped away and new paint, fans, neon lights and more decor applied over the course of about three weeks, co-owner Terri Feldman said Wednesday. The beer posters that covered up unsightly spots in the wall have been taken down, and a new collage of .45s and record sleeves wallpaper the area behind the DJ booth.

“Basically, we took it from the 1950s to now. It looked like an old Polish Falcons club, or like you walked into your grandmother’s house,” Feldman said. “Our goal was to make it cleaner and crisper.”

Feldman’s partner, Michelle, has owned Falcon Lanes since 2007. Terri said the renovation is the first significant one they’ve done. Live music has been a staple there for about six years except for summers, when its lack of an outdoor space turns patrons toward area bars that have them, Terri said.

When Falcon Lanes is open, benefits also factor heavily into its schedule. It books between 50 and 60 a year, Terri said, both for individuals and entities like St. Joseph School. Aside from donating its room and opening its kitchen, Falcon Lanes also helps secure entertainment and answer any questions hosts might have.

Whether it’s a concert or a benefit, Terri said she and Michelle hope the renovations make the Tidal Wave Bar more inviting to patrons.

Noting that the Polish Falcons building has stood since 1906, Terri believes many in Auburn still don’t know what it is.

“It gets overlooked because it’s on the outskirts, not downtown,” she said. “So many people walk in the door when we do benefits,…

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