New Study Reveals Young Men Still Battling Their Feelings

Young men continue to hold back from expressing their emotions.

As boys grow up, they’re told to ‘man-up’, ‘toughen up’, or ‘act like a man’ when they face a difficult time, which translates to not showing any form of emotion that would be considered weak.

It’s hard not to ignore the common theme of male characters in movies: The stoic silent type that doesn’t blink an eye in the face of danger, the bad boy who is always emotionally out of reach, or the gruff male character who prefers to display his feelings in actions rather than words. It seems that aside from anger, most male characters rarely show their emotional side. And sadly, it seems that art may be imitating life – or perhaps even the reverse.

Analyzing data from 4203 people who took their Emotional Intelligence Test, researchers at Queendom looked into how men deal with their emotions. What their study revealed was an evident difference between the emotional attitude of younger and older men. While both groups (men under 40 and men over 40) still struggled to accept their emotional side, the problem was more prominent for the younger age group.

According to Queendom’s study:

  • 31% of men under the age of 40 struggle to identify their feelings (compared to 8% of men over 40).
  • 31% of men under the age of 40 find it hard to express their feelings (compared to 17% of men over 40). Why? Well according to 36% of younger men, talking about their feelings requires a degree of vulnerability that they are not comfortable with (compared to 21% of older men).
  • 24% of men under the age of 40 are uneasy displaying affection or appreciation; 23% are uncomfortable when expecting to console someone (compared to 13% of men over 40, in both…

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