New Study Published in Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology

Viora, a leading medical aesthetics provider, is pleased to announce a successful publication of the article ‘Fractional ablative and nonablative radiofrequency for skin resurfacing and rejuvenation of Thai patients’ in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. The study discusses the effectiveness and safety of Viora’s V-FR handpiece for fractional treatments on Thai patients.

“Fractional treatments for Thai and Asian populations have been challenging when using first generation devices that are not able to accurately manage penetration depth levels and perform fractional RF treatments and achieve a desired biological response” said Dr. Inna Belenky, Viora’s Clinical Director. “The article published gives true clinical and histological confirmation for the advanced SVC technology developed by Viora, and its ability to perform skin resurfacing, tone and texture treatments in a safe and effective manner.”

The study was conducted on two separate, independent sites and investigated 35 female and 22 male patients between 19-62 years of age, and their responses to treatments with Viora’s V-FR fractional RF handpiece. The results clinically and histologically supported the V-FR’s high efficacy levels and excellent safety profile with a “patient satisfaction score from the treatment was found to be “very satisfied” among 74% of patients and “satisfied” among 26% of the patients after 3 sessions, with no “partially satisfied” or “not satisfied” patients”. The histological evaluation showed that there was typical wound healing without any complications, and determined the depth penetration change according to the different SVC treatment programs.

The V-FR handpiece is compatible with Viora’s entire V-Series range and the study’s findings will help further push the advanced line of…

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