New study finds inequalities in healthcare access, quality between best and worst-performing countries

Despite global improvements in healthcare quality and access over 25 years, inequalities between the best and worst-performing countries have grown. Even among countries of similar development levels, there is wide variation in healthcare access and quality, exposing untapped potential for improving healthcare in these regions, according to a Global Burden of Disease study published in The Lancet.

The study develops a novel index which measures the quality and accessibility of healthcare. The rating (scored 0-100) is based on death rates from 32 diseases that could be avoided by effective medical care in the country year-on-year. The new study assesses performance for 195 countries from 1990-2015, providing crucial data to help monitor progress on universal health coverage and identify local priorities for improving healthcare.

“Despite overall improvement globally, there is variation in healthcare performance and few countries have consistently achieved…

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