New Research Shows Fortune 1000 Companies Increasingly Tapping Gig Economy Consultants to Fuel Growth and Innovation

The Independent Consulting Economy

The organizations that embrace this change have already enjoyed real benefits, from a more flexible, agile workforce with faster access to industry experts to reduced consulting spend.

Fortune 1000 companies are increasingly turning to freelance consultants to help with top strategic and operational priorities. Now, new research shows that they’re moving away from traditional consulting’s heavy reliance on “smart generalists,” choosing instead to hire “subject matter experts” with practical experience and expertise in distinct industry and functional niches. This according to proprietary research from Business Talent Group (BTG)—the leading provider of independent consultants and executives for project-based work—based on an analysis of significant client projects conducted in 2017.

Currently, 162 million people engage in freelance work, and 51% of companies say they plan to increase their use of freelancers over the next 3-5 years. BTG’s analysis found that Fortune 1000 companies sought the help of independent consultants and experts on projects ranging from market evaluations to supply chain optimization, big data to eCommerce, and more. Specifically, BTG’s analysis found that enterprises seek expertise in the following areas:

  • Market opportunity and growth (22%)
  • Strategy and planning (21%)
  • Project and program management (18%)
  • Product, portfolio, and innovation (8%)
  • Transformations (8%)
  • Other (23%)

BTG’s research provides an up-to-the-minute snapshot into how top enterprise clients are relying on independent “gig economy” workers for specific skills and capabilities, representing a seismic shift away from legacy consulting models. The research…

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