New fresh food delivery services in Nunavut seek to combat territory’s high grocery prices – North

Nunavut is seeing its grocery options diversify, as at least three new fresh food delivery services cropped up in the territory over the summer.

The services each have their own model to combat the territory’s high grocery costs. All three spent the summer working out kinks in the delivery chain for their customers.

The Iqaluit-based startups are looking for a more permanent location for sorting and storing goods, while Arctic Fresh, which serves the entire Qikiqtaaluk region, is currently focused on promotion.

Unlike most of the options on offer now, these three businesses are all headquartered in Nunavut, instead of down south.

Iqaluit Eats

KSS Iqaluit Eats was started by Jon Sanford. He uses Nutrition North subsidies to ship food in bulk once a week, then warehouses it in his home. Customers order from his website, and2 then he delivers the food to their door. 

Right now, Sanford’s sticking to apples, potatoes and other fresh goods that will last the week until they sell out without refridgeration. (CBC)

“After living here for 13 years and paying the same food prices everyone else does, it started to get under my skin when I found out what food really costs,” Sanford said. “The markups that the big stores are making are, in my mind, way too big.”

He doesn’t have cooler or freezer capacity yet, but says he’s putting the money he earns back into the business with the eventual goal of finding a facility to offer food that needs refrigeration.

Right now, he’s sticking to apples, potatoes and other fresh goods that will last the week until they sell out.


Though IqaluEAT was incorporated as a not-for-profit in July, it’s been around since 2014, offering farmers’ markets with produce purchased by Northern Shopper, shipped up and sold in a rented hall.  

Their most recent market sold out of 2,700 kilograms of fresh produce in less than 90 minutes, according to one of the incorporators, Michel Potvin.

For six weeks this summer,…

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