New company helps people preserve, organize photos

By Joe Southern

Fabi (left) and Gabriel Morris scan photos in their studio in their house in Sugar Land. They own Treasured Pixels, a photo scanning and organization company. (Photo by Joe Southern)

As many people learned during Hurricane Harvey, boxes and albums of old photographs are hardly essentials to grab during an evacuation, but upon return their loss is one of the most lamented.

When people talk about losing things that can’t be replaced, photos usually top the list. That’s why Fabi and Gabriel Morris encourage people to get their pictures – their family heirlooms – digitized and backed up. In January they started Treasured Pixels, a company that scans and organizes old photographs and slides. They can also help organize the hundreds of photos lurking in a cell phone or on a computer where they may otherwise never be seen again.

“We’re helping people tell the stories behind the photos,” Fabi said.

The couple met while serving in the Navy. Fabi started scrapbooking 17 years ago, “but life took me on a rollercoaster.”

“We had more kids and their baby books were not getting done,” she said.

In 2004, Fabi had joined Creative Memories to help with her scrapbooks. The company went under a short time later but has since returned. In the meantime, Fabi and many other scrapbooking enthusiasts found that life moved on and half-completed scrapbooks were collecting dust with boxes of photos.

“There’s been a shift in photography,” she said.

All of this was happening about the time digital photography was taking hold and people were viewing pictures on their computers and phones. Over time, print and digital photo collections were growing in size and disorganization. Digital photos were getting lost and print photos – as many Harvey victims can attest – were getting damaged or tucked away in attics and closets.

“I don’t think people realized what was happening,” Fabi said. “Their photos…

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