New Book Provides Answers to Life’s Difficult Questions

Everyday people wrestle with life’s difficult questions when hardships arise and ponder their existence, purpose and identity. In “Power U: Seven Keys to Finding Purpose and Achieving Success,” S.M. Croucher aims to answers these questions and provide guidance to anyone looking to find their true self.

Croucher wrote “Power U: Seven Keys to Finding Purpose and Achieving Success,” as a result of her struggles through life’s toughest times. After fighting through financial troubles and the loss of her foster child, Croucher developed seven keys to help pull her through her darkest days, including purpose, planning/persistence and progress, positive perception, people and peace, power and possibility and prosperity. Now, she shares her secret to self-assurance with readers that feel trapped between success and failure.

“Power U: Seven Keys to Finding Purpose and Achieving Success” carries a powerful message centered on finding self-confidence. It has captured the attention of the New York Times and is set to be featured in the publication’s Sunday Book Review section.

“I relate to anyone battling through a turbulent time in life because-while each experience is different- the feelings of sadness, frustration and disappointment are always similar,” Croucher said. “My goal with Power U: Seven Keys to Finding Purpose and Achieving Success is to show people I’ve experienced those feelings of inadequacy, but I discovered an inner power and faith that steered me out of that time. If readers can connect with me in those troubling times, then they can understand the seven keys I uncovered and use the tips in their own lives.”

Using anecdotes from her own life, Croucher has crafted a relatable guidebook to finding your inner power and possibility even in moments of failure. In “Power U:…

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