Neil Prakash admits to Australian terror link in Turkish court appearance


September 29, 2017 07:41:54

One of Australia’s most infamous members of the Islamic State group, Neil Prakash, has admitted in a Turkish court to being partly responsible for IS activity in Australia.

Key points:

  • Neil Prakash is on trial in Turkey where he was captured after crossing the border from Syria
  • Says he wants to “follow the real Islam” and thought the IS group would teach him
  • Prakash says the IS group told him to call for attacks in Australia

Prakash has been accused by the Federal Government of links to attack plans in Australia and appeared in IS propaganda urging terror attacks in Australia.

While the Australian Federal Police (AFP) has requested his extradition, he is on trial in Turkey where he was captured after crossing the border from Syria last year.

He admitted to making propaganda videos and, when asked if he was responsible for IS in Australia he replied: “I had something to do with [it], but I was not 100 per cent responsible.”

In a brief and halting hearing his comments were relayed to the judge via an interpreter who needed to ask for clarification. Prakash repeated: “What happened in Australia, I wasn’t 100 per cent responsible for.”

He continued, playing down his allegiance to the organisation which has become the most feared terror group in the world.

Who is Neil Prakash?

  • Neil Prakash, 27, is of Fijian-Indian and Cambodian background, and attended Melbourne’s controversial Al-Furqan Islamic Centre after converting
  • He is believed to have left for Syria in 2013, where he changed his name to Abu Khaled al-Cambodi and was put on a US kill list
  • He was linked to several Australian-based attack plans and calls for lone-wolf attacks against…

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