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There must be a godzillion different music apps available so if you are a Smartphone user the world is your oyster as you have access to just about any type of music program you can imagine. From guitar tuners to internet radio, portable DJ stations to streaming apps our world can be filled with music anytime of the day.

That fact is incredibly important to many of us that cannot envisage a world without music as we listen to our favourite tracks more than we realise. Even when we play at an online bingo site like there is music included, and many games have brilliant soundtracks to go with the game themes. For instance, if you check out some of the themed slots the music tracks match the themes, so if it’s a rock themed slot then you will be treated to some great rock clips to help your games along, the same applies if you choose and Irish themed slot, the music will match the game.

Game developers are well aware of how important the music is that compliments the games on offer as they don’t want players hitting the mute button all the time because they have been driven crazy by some inane jingle.

Another good reason for having superior music in a game is to make it stand out from the rest as the world of online slots can appear as never ending as the world of music apps. We are all drawn by name recognition so if we see a game with a well know musician we will be drawn to it initially out of interest, but of course the game has to be fun to keep us there, the music is not the be all and end all when it comes to slots games, bingo or any other casino game for that matter.

We all lead busy lives and being able to have some time during our day to catch up with friends and family, have a laugh and enjoy some great games with great music attached to them is important to many of us. This is why sites like Swanky Bingo have become so very popular. Not only can games be played whenever we want they can be played wherever we want as well (as long as…

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