Music scholarship winners shine and help families honor loved ones

There were “breathtaking performances, emotional speeches, and a final commission to all the winners to use their platform to help others in the community” May 13 at the Homestead Community Concerts third annual Music Scholarship Showcase.

The scholarships earned by musicians, ages 18 and under, are donated by residents to help spread the joy of music and to honor loved ones.

“One of our donors presented the Lois Burgay Memorial Scholarship in honor of her mother who was the organist for the Seminole Theatre in 1925 and 1926 for silent movies,” said Tony Seepersad, HCC Scholarship Chair, in email. “Another was given by Dr. Linda Fagan who delivered a poignant message of hope on behalf of all three of her brothers who died of cystic fibrosis.”

“It showcased once again the extraordinary talent being fostered in our community,” he said. “Due to a brilliant display last year all scholarships this year were funded by private donors who saw the value it has in our city. Some of the donors gave in honor of the spirit of music and its transformative effect on a community, while others gave in honor of loved ones who have passed.”

Christina Mayo

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