Music is getting its own television show via Sound Waves

John Caignet, the creative force behind Allapattah-based internet station Jolt Radio, is hoping to give television a new-age MTV-style program dubbed Sound Waves.

The $1,600 pilot was a response from Caignet and producers Frank Guzman, Ammy Juliet and Walter Rivera to the lack of quality television production around music.

Now that MTV has gone the way of reality television and mega-sites like YouTube host online music videos, Caignet and Guzman thought it would be the perfect time to introduce their show and reintroduce viewers to music television.

Poster illustration by Josh ‘Baghead’ Hall Provided to the Miami Herald

Currently, only the pilot has been filmed and stars Caignet as Mr. Jolt, whose plant friend is played by Guzman. The fictional and trippy aspect of the show mixes an imagined storyline with real elements such as live musical performance, interviews with artists and music recommendations. Guzman said they’re also thinking about premiering music videos to showcase independent and obscure talent like the one found in…

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