Muscling to ill-health: Shortcut that could cut lives short | New Straits Times

THE Malaysian Body Builder Junkies Club is warning about the dangers of abusing uncertified muscle growth drugs.

Its founder, who is popularly known as Kapten Waja, said he had seen the fatal effects of anabolic steroid abuse.

“I’ve had many young friends who died suddenly, leaving behind young kids. The hospitals and doctors weren’t able to diagnose why these people died suddenly. But the reason is obvious to us.

“The authorities should be vigilant and ensure that these products don’t make it into the country.

“It’s not just protein shakes, it’s all sorts of steroids that are coming into our country and being pushed at gyms.”

The 51-year-old bodybuilder, who has more than 30 years’ experience in the sport, said youngsters needed to realise that steroid abuse did not just carry the danger of instant death but also caused long-term side effects that were irreversible.

“High blood pressure, kidney disease, liver damage and nerve problems are only some of the effects of taking steroids and other bodybuilding supplements.

“Those who are serious about bodybuilding, especially youngsters, should remember that exercise is key.

“Having a sculpted body is a bonus for those who are disciplined and consistent. Being overzealous to the point of resorting to steroids and other substances should not be an option.

“I eat healthy and exercise everyday, and I don’t buy steroids and supplements.

“I hope to empower youngsters to know that there is no easy way to get the body that you want. Remember that bodybuilding is about looking young, stylish and being in the best of moods. That is what makes us stand out from the rest.

“Stay away from steroids. No good can come from it. Realise that there are many pushers in the gyms. Don’t fall prey.”

He said those who took drugs and supplements to get quick results often did not even bother to look at the ingredients listed on the bottles.

“Using steroids…

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