MTV Video Music Awards 2017: Katy Perry Is the Perfect Host

Katy Perry—announced Thursday as the host of the next MTV Video Music Awards ceremony—has a fair amount to prove. The singer’s gift for generating content and controversy has never been in question. But lately she’s had a hard time shaking off a lengthy hiatus from recording. Witness, her first album in four years, has not generated the sort of culture-moving hit that tends to win Video Music Awards.

What’s more, Perry has lately sought to showcase herself as the sort of singer—the sort of artist, perhaps—for whom awards shows aimed at teens are no longer relevant. The release of Witness came with a 96-hour livestream in which Perry documented her path toward fulfillment and growth, including yoga, meditation, and frank conversations about the ways in which she’d appropriated culture in the past. As a look at the way a culture-moving figure sees herself and the dissonances between that self-image and the soft, kooky public persona, it was as riveting as frank exhibitionism can get. Even if Perry more than occasionally attempted to have things both ways. On a Witness single, “Swish Swish,” Perry repeatedly mocked a rival who seemed, pretty plainly, to be pop-world nemesis Taylor Swift. Performing the song at the end of the livestream, she changed the lyrics to wish the Swift figure “good luck on your journey.”

The VMAs present Perry the opportunity to try to resolve these two selves—the woke, purposeful-pop chanteuse who campaigned for Hillary Clinton and now spends her days pondering her impact on others on the one hand, and the attention-loving pop star who performed “I Kissed a Girl” at the Super Bowl on the other. The most recent pop star to so explicitly walk this same tightrope was Miley Cyrus, who, not coincidentally, hosted the VMAs two years ago. Like Perry’s, Cyrus’ lyrics and her looks were so repeatedly on the edge of taste that they became effectively wallpaper. Like Perry, Cyrus ditched the act to muted effect, and…

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