Moncton developer blocks longtime entrance to popular trail – New Brunswick

Monctonians looking to take a walk down Hall’s Creek Hall’s Creek trail off Crowley Farm Road were in for a surprise this week.

The popular trail entrance is now blocked by a private developer and off limits to the public.

A No Trespassing sign is duct-taped on the trail’s welcome sign and trees have been cut and positioned to block part of the trail route.

Margot Malenfant, a yoga instructor and Moncton resident, has hiked the Hall’s Creek trail for decades, using the Crowley Farm Road entrance.

Not very ‘responsible,’ hiker says

Margot Malenfant points to trees that were cut by a private developer to block the Hall’s Creek trail from the public. (Olivia Chandler/CBC)

Malenfant was was upset to discover the blocked trail.

“I think it’s really important now to consider our green spaces as sacred,” she said. “Especially moving forward with global warming.

“I just don’t think it’s very responsible to develop on land that has been used by the public for decades as a public trail. I think it’s a little irresponsible.”

Ariane Juneau-Godin, a graduate student in environmental studies. takes her three-year-old dog Lhasa running through Hall’s Creek Trail multiple times a week. The trail is one of the few spaces in the city that are designated off-leash spaces.

Juneau-Godin didn’t know about the development and was surprised and saddened to find the trail blocked.

“It’s a little shocking, to be honest because it’s a few big trunks of trees blocking the trail where we usually come running, and I was not expecting that,” Juneau-Godin said.

“It was a very nice place to come in the woods that was completely untouched.”  

Environmental concerns

Margot Malenfant and Ariane Juneau-Godin stand in the Hall’s Creek-area forest where a house is to be constructed. (Olivia Chandler/CBC)

Many people visit the Hall’s Creek area to experience wildlife and plant life in the city.

“The trail being blocked is one thing, but behind it is the clear-cutting…

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