Mojix Brings Innovative Blockchain Solution to Auburn University RFID Lab Project Zipper

There are few technologies available capable of securely managing hundreds of millions, even billions, of inventory records between retailers and brands. This is where a blockchain solution came into the picture.

Mojix, a leading provider of item chain management solutions for retail, has partnered with the Auburn University RFID Lab to provide a blockchain solution based on it’s ViZix IoT software platform for Project Zipper, an initiative put forth and supported by the retail industry to better understand the business value of EPC as a serialized data carrier and blockchain technology for secure data exchange within retail supply chain networks.

Auburn’s Project Zipper initiative, supported by GS1 US, includes five leading retailers and eight retail brand owners and has focused on key business value areas such as claims reduction, electronic proof of delivery, vendor score-carding, authenticity, pedigree, and many others. The primary goals of the study include quantifying immediate business value, preparing for future business value, investigating technical alignment, and developing data exchange standards and methods. Up to this point, serialized item data exchange in the supply chain has been a challenge as participants have not had a “trustworthy” source that is capable of handling significant amounts of data. With the addition of Mojix as a participant in Project Zipper, the Auburn University RFID Lab is exploring the feasibility of a more efficient and accurate data exchange between retail/brand partners powered by blockchain technology.

“Retailers have been leveraging item-level serialization data in their stores for inventory accuracy with great success, however, exchanging that visibility data with partners in the…

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