Miranda enjoys her marriage and motherhood

2017-08-22 12:53

Vincent Phahlane

Miranda Ntshangase. (Photo: Supplied)

Everyone knows how talented is Miranda Ntshangase is, but little do we know that the actress is also putting too much efforts in the music scene. The actress describes herself as a mixed race as she was raised by his white father because her mother passed away when she was six month old.

Miranda Ntshangase (30) for her growing up was a difficult as in those days it was a new thing to be mixed race. She says most of the time she did not know where she belonged and got bullied for it. She felt that she was not black enough or white and that frustrated her. She continue saying she give thanks to her teachers who has taught her to be a tough cookie. 


Miranda says she enjoys each and every role that she has encountered during her career. With the roles she played in the acting scene, she explains how she loves being part The Queen. “I love playing Joy on The Queen and also admire her fabulous life, and also because I get to play more of her than the doctor character on Isidingo. What I dislike about Joy is that she can be very superfluous about a lot of things in her life,” she says.  

She says acting on two different television soapies is not really a challenge as she knows how to switch roles quickly. “Also My schedule for shooting is quite manageable as both characters are not lead. I never shoot the shows at the same time so therefore have enough time to switch between. The other character I play is a total opposite from Joy, and so I am able to switch pretty easily,” says the actress.


She says having to play roles in her life has been a massive blessing. She describes motherhood as one of her best roles that she has a supporting cast which is her amazing husband whom she speaks highly of. “Motherhood has changed my life…

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