A new school year is a time to make new friends and rekindle friendships that may have waned over the busy summer months. What better way to kick off the new school year than by reading a great book about friends? Check out one of these books on friendship at your Milwaukee Public Library.

Bird, Balloon, Bear

by Il Sung Na (Ages 3-6)

In this beautifully illustrated book, a shy bird faces a challenge to which every child can relate: how to make a new friend.

I Got a New Friend

by Karl Newsom Edwards (Ages 3-6)

This fun picture book about a girl and her new puppy is perfect for little ones. Delightful pictures and simple sentences make for a perfect read-a-loud.

Rulers of the Playground

by Joseph Kuefler (Ages 4-7)

Jonah and Lennox both decide they want to be rulers of the playground, but the park may not be big enough for the both of them. Can they keep their crowns and their friends?

Troll Stinks 

by Jeanne Willis; illustrated by Tony Ross (Ages 4-8)

Can you tell everything about someone just from rumors? Two Billy Goats learn a lesson about assuming all Trolls are mean.

When Andy Met Sandy

by Tomie dePaola and Jim Lewis (Ages 6-8)

Despite their differences, or perhaps because of them, Andy and Sandy become the best of friends in this first installment in the beginning reader series.

Sniffer & Tinni: A True Tale of Amazing Animal Friendship

by Berit Helberg; photography by Torgeir Berge (Ages 6-9)

Tinni, a German shepherd, befriends a young baby fox, forging a fun, lasting and charming friendship in this delightful tale told through rich text and vivid photographs.

Wallace and Grace Take the Case

by Heather Alexander; illustrated by…