Military veterans still struggle to find meaningful private sector work – Calgary

A group that helps military veterans find jobs in the private sector says many former soldiers are struggling to find meaningful employment after serving their country.

“There isn’t necessarily a larger population of veterans that are unemployed. The challenge to transition successfully into a job is more difficult,” said Angela Mondou, president of Canada Company, a charitable organization that connects businesses with the Canadian military.

It’s estimated about 140,000 personnel have left the Canadian Forces in the last 15 years.

A report from the Veterans Transition Advisory Council says that while the unemployment rate for those leaving is no higher than the rest of the population, the quality of jobs and salaries is much lower.

Unused skills

It found earnings for former military personnel declined by 42 per cent and former soldiers are frustrated they aren’t able to find work that utilizes their skills.

“Based on the survey, about one in four who are transitioning to civilian life find it a really difficult transition. About 25 per cent of them find it’s not that easy to move on to the civilian world,” said Mondou.

“Lots of private-sector companies are not necessarily motivated to hire veterans, partly because they’re not aware or don’t understand their skills, background or culture of that skilled workforce.”

Veterans Affairs Minister Kent Hehr raised the issue in a speech to military contractors in Calgary earlier this month.

“I want to draw attention to the depth and the skills and innovation that former (Armed Forces) members can bring to your sector. Over 200,000 veterans live in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba,” Hehr said.

“While not all of these individuals are looking for new careers, we know that many of them are.”

Leaving a structured environment

Clayton Myhill, a former Air Force pilot who left in 2015, said many individuals are at a loss when they leave the military’s structured environment.

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