Mike Pence shares bizarre video urging Americans to donate money to ‘drain the swamp’

Vice President Mike Pence is asking his supporters for money to “drain the swamp”, pointing to the media as an enemy working to “sabotage” the Trump administration’s “America First Agenda.”

The fundraising ask came at the tail end of a minute-long video that featured text crawling up the screen accompanied by epic instrumental music and photos of the president and vice president. The language and capitalization used in the video – “SABOTAGE” and “Fake News Media,” for example – were typical to the style of communication seen used by President Donald Trump, but less in line with Mr Pence’s more traditional approach.

The video is apparently aimed at raising money for the Trump-Pence 2020 ticket (a link at the end of the video takes you to the Trump campaign’s donation page), but some of his supporters commented that they were confused why their vice president – who has notably been rather quiet amid the surging scandal swirling around the White House – was already asking for money just months into the presidential term.

“Why donate with money? I don’t make enough to help anymore and donate again,” one commenter wrote. “The best donation for you would be to stop making super expensive trips to Florida. That is my donation to you… my 28 percent of my income”.

While others cheered the man they helped elect president, others expressed dismay with his performance. The White House has been bogged down with repeated scandal and Democrats in Congress have largely thwarted his legislative agenda in the first few months of his term, leading some of his supporters to say that he hasn’t fought back hard enough.

“No donations for you until you really fight back against the crooked Democrats. I have not heard you speaking up,” another commenter wrote. “Therefore, I will never support you. You know your way around Congress. You have not done enough to…

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