Michigan-Based Company Helps Independent Restaurants Succeed Through Custom Online Marketing

“Our client’s success is our success. We won’t rest until you see results.” – Ken Seneff

Restaurant Logic, a Michigan-based marketing software company, is changing the way that independent restaurants market themselves online. They do this by offering each of their clients a single portal for managing their website, social media, email marketing and online reputation. In short, they help independent restaurants across the nation market themselves the same way that big, nation-wide chains do. And the company has a laser focus on helping even more restaurants succeed in 2018.

The core idea behind Restaurant Logic is that online marketing efforts should be custom tailored to a company’s industry. Therefore, the company strives to make sure that their entire team understands the nuances of how restaurants succeed online. By doing so, they ensure that their clients receive the exact kind of help they need. This kind of niche marketing is likely to become the new normal in the future because internet marketers that understand your industry are far more likely to know how to help your online presence work for you and your business.

Restaurant Logic has built an all-in-one software system that provides a simple interface which allows each of their clients to change their online menu in real time, manage a customer database, track customer spending, manage their social presence, create & send email marketing messages, receive real customer feedback, and more. In essence, their one-of-a-kind dashboard allows restaurants to maintain a high-quality online presence and engage in effective online marketing strategies without needing to learn multiple platforms.

When Ken Seneff founded Restaurant Logic in 2012, he knew that independent…

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