Men are trash and there’s no arguing against it

First of all, I am a male. I have 2 daughters, sisters, a mother, female friends and a girlfriend. If I feel the need to always protect them, what will stop me from applying the same mentality across all women? What gives me the right to harm other women and protect the ones closest to me? Of course you would not understand why men are trash when you continue to overlook what women and children go through on a daily basis.

The #MenAreTrash tag is embedded with deep pain, fear and disgust. I don’t expect everyone to understand this, because it seems as though we’re constantly waiting for something to happen to our loved ones in order for us to see the world and society for what it really is. There is no empathy in this world; we no longer seem to care. It pains me, because, we are not implementing the humanity we preach day in, day out; it pains me because we have mothers, sisters and daughters, but we still overlook all the social ills that are harmful to them and get offended by a hashtag that is raising quite critical issues. We have a crisis.

This brings me to the “why men are trash” point. We have missed the point of the hashtag, this has got nothing to do with us being cheaters and all, because in all honesty women cheat too, but that is beside the point. We have to look deeper into the roots of the problem, when and how “men are trash” existed and why we continue disregarding what we are doing wrong instead of changing our ways. For the mere fact that we condone certain utterances and acts among our friends make us trash. You honestly don’t have to be an abuser or rapist to be trash, but at some point, you ignored the fact that your friend would loosely call a woman a “bitch”. That is where the trash we are starts, by not showing one another (as men) the way. The male species is like “the blind leading the blind” situation; we are always sceptical to call out our friends for doing wrong things to preserve a friendship that is based on…

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