BOULDER – When Sandra Samman saw the gray tabby cat online, she knew she had to meet him. 

Then, the minute she met eight-week-old Miles (his shelter name), she knew she had to take him home.

She says he just “owned the room.”

It’s all been one big adventure since then. 

“He’s just such a little character of a cat I figured he would make the best adventure cat,” she said.

Sandra had seen an ‘adventure cat’ ten years before while on a trip to Joshua Tree. She always knew she’d love to have a cat like that, but it needed to be the right feline. 

This little gray fluff was perfect, she just knew it. 

Named after Mount McKinley, Denali is a big name to live up to: and this little cat is doing just that. 

He’s ridden on a paddleboard on an alpine lake (after a 12-mile hike in Sandra’s pack). 

He’s been camping, rock climbing, hiking, road tripping and everything in between from Utah to New Mexico to Wyoming, and of course, across Colorado.