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There’s really no manual to staying married in the 21st century. In light of the recent Kevin Hart cheating scandal, perhaps we should explore what the deal is with modern day marriages. The old-fashioned boy meets girl, boy takes girl out on a date and then comes love and marriage fantasy has become way more complicated over time. Having a side piece, side chick or baby mama in 2017 can’t be shocking to anyone. We can all agree that dating has become so much more difficult than ever before, particularly with social media being a primary mode of communication, we have endless options when it comes to choosing partners, so why settle for one?

While monogamy is the global norm, which society often enforces, “Who’s to say that it’s right or wrong?” says millennials who dictate their life according to their individualistic rules. So we asked, “What is the future of marriage? Are we redefining the meaning of commitment? What are the millennials saying?”

“Having a side piece is wrong but it doesn’t necessarily dictate how committed you are to your better half because with them you share much more than sexual commitment” – 24-year-old male.

These days, you can actually be fully committed to your partner but “sexually committed to someone else”. While you can love your partner, sex for many is just a pleasurable, fun activity, which can be separated from commitment. Essentially, the idea of infidelity becomes more emotional than physical and ultimately the “side piece” doesn’t come with the emotional baggage of the past and future obligations. There’s extra pleasure you possess when you can have sex with someone who isn’t obligated to have sex with you.

“Having a side piece has always been the norm… it’s just that now women are becoming more outspoken and independent.” – 25-year-old female.

So according to history, men have always been entitled to more than one woman. History suggests that the notion of monogamy…

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