Making a Moon Base With ‘Artemis’ Author Andy Weir

In Andy Weir’s “Artemis” (Crown, 2017), the lead character is drawn into a crime caper on a lunar city. Weir is known for “The Martian” (Crown, 2014) which described in realistic detail how someone would survive being stranded on Mars. In “Artemis,” Weir brings a similar realism to the moon as the ultimate tourist destination.

“Artemis” was released today (Nov. 14) as a novel and audiobook featuring Rosario Dawson. talked with Weir about the world of “Artemis”; creating its lead character, Jazz; and how “the moon is basically made of moon bases, with some assembly required.” [How Moon Bases and Lunar Colonies Work (Infographic)]

“Artemis” (Crown, 2017) by Andy Weir.

Credit: Crown Publishers Can you talk about how the idea for “Artemis” first developed?

Andy Weir: I wanted to design a city on the moon. I wanted to come up with a city on the moon and a reason for there to be a city on the moon. I came up with the city and how it was built and what its economic foundation was and everything long before I came up with the story or characters to take place in it. I guess that’s kind of — world-building and making settings is fun. The actual writing part is no fun. That’s kind of where the original idea came from. What kinds of stories did you try to set in that city before you finally settled on one?

Weir: I went through a few revisions. “Artemis,” as it is right now, was kind of my third attempt at a story, and that’s the one that stuck. The first two revisions just weren’t very good. I may steal elements of them someday, so I’m not really telling people what they are. But in the first revision, Jazz — who is the main character in “Artemis” — Jazz was a very minor, tertiary character. I just needed a comedy smuggler type, and so I invented her for that. And I didn’t like the plot that had developed, and in the next revision of story, Jazz was much more…

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