Make Your Love Confession Without Letting Anybody Know About You!


There are thousands of events that cook up a storm in our lives-some of them make us feel on cloud nine while others result in wretchedness and in sackcloth and ashes. We all might have made some faux pas or have done something which somehow we found a hole to creep out of and saved ourselves but we always feel felony on that and want to tell others. Let’s take the example of love. How many of you lost your heart to someone special during school days? The correct answer would be everyone, no matter if you acquiesce it or not. But when it comes to the question that how many of you came out of closet about it, seventy percent will say no!


This is the case with maximum people that they don’t mind feeling moonstruck for someone, but when it comes to confess their feelings in front of their partners or their friends, they choose other way round and stay silent. Especially girls are the most umbrageous creatures of this world and most difficult to understand. Even if they fall in love with someone or if they like someone, they feel uneffusive to make their love confession in front of the guy. They wait for him to get-up-and-go and propose them. 


In old days, situation was even more befuddling. Girls used to knock at death’s door rather than confessing their love for someone. We can see hundreds of exemplifications uncurled in our great history where girls relinquished their lives on cost of kissing goodbye to their loved ones. But now time is changing, old letter writing and pigeons for delivering those written letters have been replaced by Whatsapp and Facebook messaging. In matter of a few seconds anyone can make love confession without letting know even to their partner. Yes, this is not a shaggy-dog story, this is the creativity and innovation that has taken place these days.


Facebook has been the biggest platform these days which provides ample iron in the fire to all the youngsters including both girls and boys to confess about their love and…

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