Make School Rewrites the Rules of Student Debt With First-of-a-Kind Tuition Funding Model

We’ve spent the past few years validating our innovative educational pedagogy by creating an environment where students are passionate about learning and graduate into jobs at Google, Facebook and top Silicon Valley startups.

Make School, the school of the future combining purpose, autonomy and mastery in technology and products, has secured a $2 million facility by Goal Structured Solutions (GS2) to offer income share agreements (ISAs) to help students attending the school’s Product College pay for their education without the burden of unnecessary debt and high-interest private loans. Make School becomes the first institute of higher education in the nation to exclusively offer tuition financing through a model that allows students who choose not to pay upfront to give a share of their future earning prospects instead.

Make School’s ISA program is powered by Vemo Education, the education technology firm that designs, implements, and services income-based financing programs for higher education. Notably, Make School is also the first venture-backed institution to embrace ISAs for its tuition-funding framework.

Make School, where the equity-based funding model will be offered to all students, is among the first to fully realize the original vision of ISAs. The program will allow students to attend Make School without paying upfront tuition or taking on student loan debt. Upon graduation, learners who participate in the ISA program will pay a percentage of their earnings for a fixed period of time. All students accepted for admissions at Make School will be eligible to fund their entire education through the ISA program. In addition to covering the cost of tuition, students who choose to participate in the program are also eligible for a $1,500…

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