MaintenX Offers 2017 Hurricane Season Lessons Learned

The 2017 hurricane season was alarming and destructive. Homes across the country were damaged beyond repair. Unfortunately, lives were also claimed. Although many of wish to forget the damage of the 2017 hurricane season, MaintenX International believes it’s important to reflect on the lessons learned that can help businesses and individuals stay safe in 2018.

“Our disaster recovery teams have answered calls from Texas to Puerto Rico this hurricane season,” said VP of Business Development Bill Schaphorst. “It’s difficult to see so much damage. I pray that out of all the sadness, we can learn something that could help save one more person, one more home, or one more business.”

MaintenX International has been helping businesses recover from destructive storms for more than 30 years. Here are a few of the lessons learned from this hurricane season:

1.    Have a Plan

It’s important to update your Disaster Preparedness Plan each year. Your plan should include a recovery phase in case of having to rebuild your business or home. By planning ahead, you can mitigate your risks, establish workplace crisis communications, and set expectations for employees and your business.

2.    Prepare for the Worst

In preparing for a storm, we may underestimate the power and lasting effects of a hurricane. Properly securing your building by sandbagging, boarding windows, and flood prepping interiors can prevent costly damage. The damage that would result from experiencing any category of hurricane-strength winds and rains.

3.    Think Ahead

Not all facility repairs can be completed quickly and may take some time to coordinate and schedule. Make sure that you file any necessary insurance claims as soon as possible after the storm. This includes securing contract services, such as fence or roof repairs.

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