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Lynette Maynor beams as she turns the pages of her book, “Heaven: How to Live Til We Get There.”

“I’m just so excited,” she says, smiling. “The books convey an important message. They’re just in my heart and I want to share them.”

It’s the second effort for the Mount Hope resident, who penned “Heaven: How to Get There” in 2014.

She had never written a book before sitting down to write the two companion pieces, both illustrated by local artists.

But when asked to lead a group of children to Christ, she says she began to envision the “pages of the first book turning.”

“I sat down and the book was written in minutes,” she explains.

“And the next book, God just started giving me words,” she says. “He gave me words and impressions.”

Maynor describes her latest work, back from the printer just two weeks ago, as a sort of continuation of “Heaven: How to Get There.”

“The first book I wrote is very detailed according to the Scriptures, how to accept Jesus as Savior and the way we go to Heaven. But the second book gives an understanding of how to live this life victoriously until we go to Heaven,” she says. “It explains prayer and fellowship with God and how to really live this life.

“A lot of people feel like God is so distant from them, but it’s not like that at all.”

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Writing hasn’t always been part of her life, but Maynor, who with Ken, her husband of 38 years, shares two sons and two grandchildren, says sharing her faith has.

“I came into a close relationship with Jesus Christ when I was 7 and I’ve studied the Bible since then,” she says.

For more than 30 years, she has shared her love of the Scripture with children and adults alike in churches, personal and professional settings. 

Now she shares her books, reading at events and book signings. And the…

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