Lesly, the New Grindr for Lesbian and Bisexual Women

Lesbian Dating App

The 21st century is best characterized by having the freedom of choosing what we want in life and being able to enjoy it. Because lesbian women are allowed to get married in the United States, Australia is also currently doing a survey among its citizens – in October 2017, every Australian received a letter from the government which asks them whether they support lesbian or gay marriage. Therefore, it is clear that things are changing nowadays and some positive news seems to be happening pretty soon. With this trend, a lesbian dating app Lesly has been designed to help lesbian singles to meet each other through the digital world, thereby enhancing their love life in the real world.

Jo L., The Operation Manager of Lesly, has shared her insights with the press during a recent interview. “We all know that no matter you are straight or gay, you can get married in many countries these days, so it seems that equality in this regard is being achieved. But while we were aware of Grindr, which is a popular dating app for gay men, we couldn’t help but wonder – how about developing a new Grindr for lesbian singles? That’s why Lesly was born,” says Jo, “indeed, when we say men and women should be equal, we also mean gay men and lesbian women should have equal resources in terms of online dating.”

Statistics show that there are more lesbian and bisexual women than gay and bisexual men. Researchers suggest that this is probably because women are more open-minded. Some women can even be turned on while seeing the sunset or a beautiful flower; some women can be turned on by wearing silk/satin fabric or smelling an exotic fragrance. Some straight women can be become lesbian or bisexual later on in life, as…

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