Lead Liaison Releases Kit for Marketing in Higher Education

Lead Liaison, a software company that specializes in providing marketing and sales solutions, released a collection of resources for educational institutions this week. Their Education Kit includes an overview of marketing in the education sector, a checklist of how to apply marketing automation specifically to educational institutions, various case studies, and more.

“We already know that we’ve got a powerful solution, but the problem that a lot of people run into is how to apply it,” says Jen Worsham, Director of Client Relations at Lead Liaison. “Marketing for higher education can be difficult, but it shouldn’t be. We want to show, based on in depth research and real-life case studies, that marketing automation can help increase student retention, accelerate new student enrollment, and streamline communication.”

Lead Liaison’s Education Kit encourages educational institutions to evoke emotion with their audience by telling compelling stories and using a consistent theme across omni-channel marketing efforts – both online and offline.

The kit breaks down which of Lead Liaison’s features solve problems that are commonly found in marketing for higher education. Automation, for example, can improve response time and increase operating efficiency. Personalized website content tailors website visitors’ experience, making it unique to each student. Lead Liaison supports omni-channel marketing, including email, social media, text messages, postcards, and even handwritten letters, which helps build emotional ties between the audience and the university. They assist in overcoming budget issues by tracking Campaign ROI. Using ROI data can justify more budget, or assist in finding where to cut back by assessing the methods that have not been…

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