Laws of Nature and Your Life

As human being, there are lots of things we don’t know about life and laws of nature. It is the cause we have very imaginative fears in our mind. We have perception about tomorrow. The day has not come yet, but we think about it and afraid from it.


Practically, this is not possible that we won’t think about tomorrow. Our brain generates 60,000 thoughts every day. So do we able to control every thought? Scientifically it is not possible because as per the scientific research our eyes doesn’t capture only the things which we have been seeing directly but unknowingly our brain capture more than we see with direct eyesight.

Is Brain capable to filter the thoughts?

Yes. It’s completely works on basis of your attitude. If you have been seeing the things in positive way, your brain filter the thoughts with that attitude vice versa with negative thoughts. You can reduce your fears, after control over the mind.

Why we afraid?

Its directly impose by our brain.  Many of us get scare when we think in negative sense. For suppose, a housewife may think how will I manage, if my husband will have an affair with other woman.

A professional could think how his career will grow? His boss and colleagues should be supportive with him always. Every human has own fears, more its basis on perception of non existence elements.

Is fear worthless?

See, no body knows what will happen tomorrow and how we could make a perception of those things until it happens? I read a motivational quote while ago

“Dear tomorrow, Do whatever you want to do. I have already lived my today and I am not afraid of you anymore.”

–by Unknown

If you are busy to work hard. You are living your today with joy and happiness. I definitely assure you, no one else could stop to make your future brighter except you.

How to make a living worthwhile?

Think positive and give your best performance in your every work. Don’t live only for yourself. Devote some of your life part in Social activities.


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