Lawmakers enter final week to come up with plan to fill budget hole before special session

It’s the final week of the legislative session in Oklahoma, and lawmakers still have to find $828 million to fill the budget shortfall.

Lawmakers already have passed $50 million in revenue-raising measures, but a lot more is needed.

Rep. Jason Dunnington said there’s a chance we might not have to have a special session, which would cost taxpayers about $30,000 each day lawmakers are at the Capitol.

Legislators can still pass measures that could bring in tax dollars “and then try to roll out a budget that would have as much as 14 percent to 15 percent cuts across the board on all state agencies,” Dunnington said.

“We’d like to not see that happen because of the harm and the pain that could come to see many Oklahomans.”

He said Gov. Mary Fallin could call a concurrent special session, which would allow lawmakers to hear revenue-raising measures this week.

“It’s unconscionable to the public that people at 23rd and Lincoln can’t get this…

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