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Would you rather slave 9 to 5 or hustle 24/7?

For Kyle Cicero, co-owner of Ascension Physical Therapy, the answer is simple. He knows that true success in any area of life requires a dedicated amount of hustling. And that is exactly what he spends most of his days doing.

A single session of physical therapy following an injury in high school first sparked Cicero’s interest in the field. He admitted being attracted to the more hands-on, patient friendly profession of physical therapy and decided to pursue that as a career.

A 2006 Carroll College graduate, Cicero is also proud to have been a member of two of their NAIA championship football teams. Cicero later attended Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences and graduated in 2011 with a doctorate of physical therapy. He has been practicing in the Helena area ever since.

After working for Heuiser Physical Therapy for a few years, Cicero made the bold decision in January 2016 to open his own practice, Ascension Physical Therapy, along with business partners Anna Larson and Jeff Shirley. At Ascension, Cicero specializes in low back pain and spine care, post-operative care, shoulder pain, knee pain, and any other physical therapy needs of his patients.

For Cicero, the greatest rewards from his physical therapy practice come from offering his patients a place to be comfortable during a stressful time and watching them walk through the door smiling and free of pain.

In addition to his physical therapy practice, Cicero also spends his days hustling with a new business venture in the CrossFit industry, which Cicero has been part of for several years. He was first introduced to CrossFit in 2010 while attending physical therapy school.

“I instantly fell in love with it,” said Cicero.

What stood out most to Cicero about CrossFit was the sense of community it creates. Unlike traditional gym…

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