Kul-U Pocket – A Pocket Sized Air Conditioning Unit

Small, lightweight, and quiet

As the dog days of summer drag endlessly on, many are seeking relief from the heat especially those who dress in formal wear such as a suit and tie to work. Even the simple task of walking from an air-conditioned house to an air-conditioned car can prove to be a sweaty mess. One might ask, is it possible to create an air conditioner that is small enough to carry around, one that can provide a cool breeze wherever? This is the challenge that the father and son duo, Mike and Caden, took on when creating their product, the Kul-U Pocket (Pronounced “cool you”). It is the world’s first air conditioning unit designed specifically to fit in a suit coat pocket, but also fits nicely in a shirt pocket, pants pocket, blazer pocket or even clipped to a belt.

Caden and Mike paraded around with numerous different prototypes and designs in their pockets for nearly a year trying to come up with one that was just right. They wanted a device that was big enough to pack some real cooling punch yet small to wear inside a suit pocket; in other words, powerful enough to remove one from that blanket of hot air in a suit, yet quiet enough to take into a meeting.

This effort proved to be quite elusive but they finally found it and launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund it. In just 30 days they met their initial goal and a lofty stretch goal. This mini air conditioning unit called the Kul-U Pocket, measures 7 by 3 inches, and is 1 inch thick. Holding it in ones hand, one may think it is a TI-84 calculator, but once turned on, it is quickly realized that the device is not for adding numbers, it only lowers them – temperature that is. Here is a list of the feature they packed into this small…

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