Krinkle Revolutionizes Closeout Package Processes

Krinkle, based in Centennial, CO, is proud to announce the launch of its cutting-edge business process management software customized for the Wireless Industry. Krinkle Closeout is a mobile app focused on helping businesses reduce time and money spent on return visits by completing Closeout Packages while still on-site. The Krinkle app meets this goal with better data collection than traditional form apps and a powerful back office tool for business process management as data is collected. This workflow automation eliminates return visits due to missed photos or incomplete data, saving time and money.

Krinkle Closeout’s full library of Standard COP forms includes everything a company needs to complete Closeout Packages on-site. The extensive library of Standard Closeout Package forms covers what most carriers require plus 24/7 service, support and expertise. Better document projects with unlimited photologs. Locate sites quickly with GPS – not only specific sites, but any nearby. Automated time and date-stamping gives technicians in the field indisputable proof of work with complete EXIF data available to QA for immediate feedback. For on-the-go business process management needs, the bulk photo export feature allows QA at a glance. The Wireless Industry’s ever-changing requirements can be difficult to keep up with. When using Krinkle Closeout, businesses can accelerate the Closeout Package process from weeks or months to hours or days.

The Krinkle Closeout mobile app runs on any Android or iOS device. If durability is a concern, Krinkle offers optional ruggedized devices from Bluebird and Honeywell specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of the Wireless Industry. These select rugged devices from Krinkle Closeout come preconfigured with the app installed, and Krinkle guarantees satisfaction with hardware…

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