Kennesaw State’s ‘Year of India’ to Feature Puppetry Arts

Kennesaw State University’s “Year of India” program this academic year is part of a tradition that goes back to 1984 with a different country represented each year.

As usual the wide-ranging annual country study program focuses on a particularly country or region with a series of lectures, performances, exhibits and films examining its evolution from its earliest history through the present day.

The Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta

This year, however, will be somewhat unusual in that there will be a particular focus on the role puppets have played and continue to play in India’s past and present.

To highlight its support of this year’s program, the Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR) has sent nine historical puppets to Atlanta’s Center for Puppetry Arts to augment the center’s international collection.

The center will be partnering with the university’s program, which continued this week with an international yoga day kick off event following this summer’s film festival and guest lectures.

Nagesh Singh, India’s consul general based in Atlanta, hosted a welcoming reception for the puppets at the consulate on Aug. 30, which are a permanent gift to the center where they will be housed in its extensive international collection.

He said that the puppets provided insights into his country’s historical traditions and were expressions of its varied cultures. In addition, he said that the puppets had been donated to promote friendship between India and the Southeast U.S.

India’s national emblem is composed of lions who symbolize the country’s commitment to peace and goodwill.

Vincent Anthony, the center’s executive director, expressed his gratitude to Mr. Singh and the ICCR, the autonomous organization of the Indian government…

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