Keith Weed: Improving ad quality will solve the industry’s digital issues

It’s time to reset. Over recent months we have seen several important issues – brand safety, ad fraud, incorrect billings, diversity in advertising to name a few – flare up, incite outrage and then drift back away again from the public consciousness. These are all important issues, and deserve our continued attention. But instead, as an industry we have focused and refocused our tunnel vision on the matter right in front of us at the expense of the previous problem.

If we are to stand a real chance of tackling the endemic issues of our industry it’s time to start thinking much more holistically about how they interrelate, and how we can solve them. Making real, lasting, impactful difference is not achieved by quick, reactive fixes. It requires systemic shifts in the way we work, think and create. For me it is about simplification, in several key ways.

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Firstly, it is about tackling the…

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